The Storm Before The Calm.

It’s been a while since I wrote a typecast. I’m not sure if I have to time or the mindset for much writing at the moment, but I just felt a need to get some thoughts down on paper. So pardon the spelling and typos, and buckle up your

Warning: The following contains graphic depictions of medical procedures and human tissue. These images may be distressing to some readers.

Sepang Gold Coast, Malaysia – 2016
Meet the Laryngoscope. You know when this guy is coming out, you’re going to have a bad day.

I bet you’re keen to try one of these bad-boys out!

I dissected cross-section of a lung removed from a young woman. Scar tissue has formed inside most of the lung, with fluid and clotting trapped inside alveoli.


12 thoughts on “The Storm Before The Calm.

  1. Thanks, Scott – truth is rare lately, and it’s good to hear it said. My hope is that you stay safe and that things get under control for your profession – a possibility where you’re at, but probably not where I’m at. I guess I should be happy that what work I still have allows me to stay at home, so my potential exposure is nearly nil, but I don’t see any other reasons to be happy considering the probable future in the US. /:


  2. My heart goes out to all health care workers trying to do their job through this. It sounds like Australia has a functional government and has responded appropriately to the situation. It’s a public health crisis, but the politics in the US are literally killing us. Health professionals in hot spots like Texas and Florida are now faced with making impossible decisions. Thank you for what you do, stay safe, and keep typing.


  3. Nicely said, Scott. Crazy times ahead, if we end up going into Stage 4 restrictions. But they’ll be necessary, if only to force people into staying away from each other for longer than five minutes. I’m still getting used to wearing a mask in built-up areas (supermarkets, shopping centres), but I’m trying to steer clear of these places wherever possible.
    Thanks for your efforts, and look after YOURSELF throughout all of this.


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