The FP hall of fame.

I owe a great debt of thanks to several typospherians, and as such I’ve decided to add a page to my blog to thank them. 

  Robert Messenger: 
For several beautiful typewriters that I have been able to repair and bring back to life.
and a heap of advice and great conversations.

Barry Feilden: 
For the parts I used to get my Olympia SM – Monica back to life.

 John Lavery: 
For the Bing No2 typewriter, along with several repairs and pieces of advice.

 Bill Maclane: 
For several Corona 3 parts that I used to bring back to life another of my machines.

For posting to me – at great expense, a Royal 5 flat-bed typewriter for parts or repair.

  My father: 
For collecting several machines for me in the city of Melbourne. A couple of which he’s posted up to me. 



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