The Parts Box

Greetings typewriter lovers, writers and repairers.

This is a catalogue of parts machines that I have on hand.If you feel you are needing a part from one of these machines, email me to see if one is available still.  These machines are incomplete and dysfunctional, so not everything will be available or usable.

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Hermes Baby.
60’s tin metal body style

Hermes 3000
70’s plastic body style – hungarian make. Most parts compatible with earlier versions
Bone and white colour.

Royal P (portable)
Second generation of the Royal P.
Blue Crocodile paint (finish is not in great condition)

Adler Favorit 2 
Originally donated for parts by Rob Messenger.

Smith Premier 10A.
Originally owned by Steve Snow, who took a couple of parts.

Lamir De Luxe 
Very dirty. Some shell parts have rust.

Remington Mk II
Bone & White colour.

Olivetti Dora
Slate grey.

Groma Kolibri
First version
Fluro Green

Gossen Tippa 
First generation
Once was red.

Royal 5 (flatbed) 
Enamel keytops.


4 thoughts on “The Parts Box

  1. I’m looking for a red plastic backspacer key from a Gossen Tippa first series. They came with the glas keys, and two plastic shiny red ones. I think I have seen them on Gromas and Olivettis too.


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