The filthy platen is a blog about many things. It is about writing and fiction. Travel and fact. It is about exploring the world and laying it down on a variety of beautiful keyboards.

This blog is written and maintained by myself, Scott K. I collect typewriters and love to write about them. I repair my own typewriters, and I’m progressively training myself in the dark – if not absolute art of typewriter repair (I get by with a little help from my friends). My grandfather worked for Remington typewriters for 43 years. Sadly he passed long ago, but I’m slowly taking after him by rebuilding machines and learning along the way.

I also love to travel Australia and when possible the world, and i’ll often talk on this blog about the people that I meet that live wherever I go. And there’s also nothing quite like getting on my motorbike and going for a ride. I love to drive, ride and fly anywhere I can. Hence why you’ll often see my motorbike popping up in blog post when I get out and about to write.

I also love to explore the arts – music, film and television, literature and fine art. From time to time I’ll write about the process of art and various works that I come across.

While I occasionally use graphics from other sources – such as snippets of newspapers or screen grabs from film or television, I’m very proud of my own photography. As such most of the photos that you see in this blog are taken by myself. I don’t use photos taken from cheap, royalty free stock photography sites to get my point across. However I do occasionally use historically significant photos when necessary, and always credit the photographer/s. As such I feel confident that this blog is my authentic view of the world that is a considered and patiently crafted blog.


*This page is still under construction*.


I use the filthy platen every day for a deeper, cleaner shine

Hey! I read your blog every day. When are you going to come over and marry me and my 32 cats.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

Greetings. A long lost relative of yours has recently passed away, and you are due to inherit a small fortune. However, before you can receive this money we have some legal bills that need to be paid that can’t be paid from the inheritance money.

Are you some kind of weirdo? You do know that they have these things called computers, right?

Thanks. Your blog was just the thing I needed to prop up the table that kept leaning over.

Do you print this on toilet paper

Wow! I used to use a typewriter as a kid.



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