ITD 2016

Hey! Just checking in before the day is out.  Happy international typewriter day! And while we’re at it.. Along over-due project is almost ready to launch. Just finishing up some technical testing.. But.. Here’s a hint at what it is. Happy days indeed. 


Now is the winter of our discontent

Autumn is passing here in Melbourne, and the golden leaves that began falling from our trees here a couple of months ago are now reduced to a handful of stayers that will last a few cold-snaps before succumbing to the winter air before falling off. I’ve been feeling aimless of late. I’ve got near 30,000…

FryerstownSafari copy

Fryerstown Safari 2016

  About an hour and a half out of Melbourne there’s a small township that is known by the name of Fryerstown. Today, it has a population of 350, which underplays the towns historical significance. In the late 1800’s Fryerstown had a population of 15,000, all of which had flocked to the area during the…


No user serviceable parts: the death of being able to do.

It wasn’t typewriters that had me thinking about this topic, it was sewing. A co-worker was lamenting today’s fashions while nostalgically thinking about their own past. They talked about life back in the 80’s when girls would go to their school formal (something akin to what American’s call ‘The Prom’ in a dress made by…