Cold, Hard Type 3.


Another book? Another book! The last two Cold, Hard Type books are great little tasting plates for the creativity of some of my fellow members of the Typosphere.

If you have not read them yet, in the word of Molly Meldrum: Do yourself a favour.

The can be found at:

Well, this time around it is going to be about time travel. Richard Polt announced the next project on his own blog page a few days ago so I won’t paraphrase the details here. However if you’re interested you can read up on it here:

 Call for submissions: Cold Hard Type III: Backspaces 

Am I excited? For sure! And it’s probably no surprise to anyone that I’m already working on my submission. I’ve completely sketched out the plot and I’m currently working on the tone and some ideas for the subtext – which naturally will need a fair bit of research. But here’s a sneak peek at my submission that’s in the works.



I’m opting for a simpler story this time around, only because I want to spend a good bit of time capturing the central character’s emotional journey as he navigates through the event he’s dropped himself into.

So now I really need to find the time to start pounding at the keys to make my submission a reality, although time is something I seem desperately in short supply of at the moment. Let’s see if I can string together words well enough to get in these books again! Fingers crossed.

Happy writing folks!


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