Cold Hard Type.

In a group email recently Richard Polt discussed the idea of producing a book made up of contributed stories about typewriters and typing in a post apocalyptic world. And why not! I started writing a series something like that a little while ago which I am yet to finish.

The first of which episode can be found here.

The suggestion immediately got my creative juices fired up again and I started working on more writing ideas. Not that I don’t already have enough unfinished projects. However as my ‘Epiphany’ book has stalled for the time being, why not try something else? And if you are interested in contributing yourself, skip to the bottom of this page. Meanwhile here’s a preview of what I am already working on. Enjoy the video.



Apoc .jpg

So if you now find yourself keen to bash out a few pages along with a fist-full of words, email Richard at – …. and yes, you can just click that.

You can read Richard’s blog directly – here.


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