Melbourne, Australia.

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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

Do you love your typewriter? Do you enjoy writing? Please, feel free to join me in my typewriter adventures anytime.

I’ve lived most of my life in Melbourne, however I spent several years in Brisbane as well. I moved back to Melbourne in 2014, and I’m once again loving this city. It has a tremendous feel for art and culture, and isn’t stinking hot. It’s also the sort of place where you can whip out a typewriter and type – without anyone batting an eyelid or calling you a hipster.



3 thoughts on “Melbourne, Australia.

  1. I have humm… Blicks #6, Hermes Rocket, Hermes Baby, Remington Monarch x2, Standard Folding and a few other common portables.
    Plus some adding machines: FACIT C1-13, Ollivetti Summa PRIMA 20…

    I’m from Croydon, VIC


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