How did I miss this?

I think I have my anthem.

But how, honestly, had I not come across this before? I love it! And it isn’t even new.

Did I mention I love it?

I love it!

OMG! Download it free, at Bandcamp – HERE.

An anthem for the insurgency perhaps? Shame they picked a Valentine for the artwork.

For those not familiar with the original track this was based on, here it is:


12 thoughts on “How did I miss this?

  1. Oh? Oh damn… That was what I was referencing when I wrote you you with the “Revolution will not be teletyped”. I though everyone had heard it at some point! That'll teach me to use silly pop references.


  2. Three degrees of separation: Gil Scott-Heron, before he died almost two years ago now, was supported on a 2010 tour of Germany by Queanbeyan poet and rapper Omar bin Musa, son of former Canberra Times arts editor Helen Musa, close friend and fellow Belgium beer drinker with yours truly. Omar bin Musa once houseminded the Australian Typewriter Museum in my three-week absence in South Africa, and is known to have used typewriters. Small world …


  3. Bob's a Belgian Beer Drinker!? Hooray! What are your top, I don't know, twenty Belgian beers?? 🙂 I'm just now planning a Beercycling holiday for 2014… and consider myself an honorary Belgian (Fave beer: Kasteel Bier). cheers indeed, rino


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