The typewriters of Singapore

Early in September I had an opportunity to visit a country I have always been quite fascinated by. While its colonial past seems relatively peaceful, Singapore became a major flashpoint during the Second World War that had huge implications for the region, including Australia. It is an island that shares a waterway with the south…

Published! A celebration.

It is easy to feel history when you are walking down a 500 year old cobblestone road in Italy. Our story – the story of billions of people have flowed down such roads every day. A story that is worn into the stones and written on the walls. You can see it and you can…

Type O +VE podcast episode 2

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Japanese typewriters: New to the collection

A little while ago a friend of mine by the name of John Munroe sent me this great little Olivetti 32 ‘Katakana’ typewriter. I’d been keeping an eye out for such a machine for a number of years now, but as you may expect – such typewriters are generally non existent in markets that are…

ITD 2016

Hey! Just checking in before the day is out.  Happy international typewriter day! And while we’re at it.. Along over-due project is almost ready to launch. Just finishing up some technical testing.. But.. Here’s a hint at what it is. Happy days indeed.