I’m back and swinging….

I’ve done a fair bit of blogging lately, but I’ve not done a lot of actual writing. It’s really easy to find the inspiration to blog, but often it is harder to find the personal fortitude to throw a piece of yourself down on paper, and then send it to someone for their personal edification. It is a connection between you and that person that is different to the mass audience of a blog.

So I’ve set about about rectifying this problem. I’ve not written many letters lately, and I feel that this situation needs to be rectified.

So… out come the keyboards.

Fear my keyboarding wrath! 
Oh? What’s that…. Is that….. 

Yes. I have an Oliver now… I haven’t written about the Oliver yet, but there’s a tale to be told. 
But that’s not all. Oh no. There is another typer that I have used this evening that is quite unique, and I had sought after for quite some time. There’s a letter from it that is now on its way to a rural setting in California. 
You know who you are…
And I don’t think I will reveal this special typer until I’ve written to a few other people yet. 
Anybody wanting to correspond? 
So again, the type bars are swinging, and I’m feeling pretty good about myself again. Writing is pleasurable and enjoyable. 
What do you mean, you thought I might have been talking about a different kind of swinging? What kind of other swinging is there? 

…… oh. I think I need more wine. 

12 thoughts on “I’m back and swinging….

  1. I am very interested in hearing about this mystery machine. The suspense, man! I can see from your picture that the Oliver has at least one of the ribbon cups. Very nice, indeed.

    I am always up for some correspondence! My address can be found on my page, under correspondence. I've never received a letter from Australia before…


  2. I will cope with copious amounts of wine!

    I wrote a letter last night to a prominent typospherian, and even sealed it up in a nice envelope, ready to be sent. However, between my desk and the big red Australia Post letter box, I re-thought it… as it had probably an ill advised drug reference, and I wasn't sure how it would be taken.

    Better re think it, until I know the person better!


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