10 thoughts on “Sex, Ikea and Typewriters.

  1. Provocative post.

    Sex is such a personal, subjective thing — it's difficult to pin down what is “sexy” about a typewriter, because I find them ALL sexy, one way or another.

    That being said…I do like the rather curvy, swoopy lines of my 1941 Remington Model Seventeen.

    My typewriters tend not to have much “bling”, like Richard's or Robert's. Many of my machines are black, dusty and have dirt under their fingernails. Along with pencil shavings and correctable debris.

    What might be the significance, if any, of THAT? 😉


  2. Funny thing…All of the furniture in our house is antique. With two exceptions: the computer desk and our Ikea bed. When I moved out on my own, all of my furniture came from Ikea. I have replaced all of it with nice pieces…except for that damn bed! However, I have never found its presence to inhibit the adult activity you have mentioned…

    As for the desk, it is one of two in the living room. The other, which I have featured on my blog, is an early 1900's Secretary's desk…with a built in AM radio. I suppose this levels out the shitiness embodied by this wanna-be-ikea computer desk. It is terrible, and yet I have not found a suitable replacement.

    As for sexy typewriters, I would have to go with my Imperial Good Companion 1 or my Olympia Elite. Both are so damn beautiful, and are simply amazing to use. I am not sure how much they 'flip my switch', but they are the first I thought of when reading this.

    Thanks for the interesting post!


  3. Scott – just came across this post and I'll chime in.
    I took a look at my collection the other day. A friend came over and because he showed an inkling of interest with my typewriters, I started talking a mile a minute, excited to share. I showed him several of my lot and came to the realization that while I've strived to collect quality machines with precise engineering and feel more so than mere looks, there's been an underhanded, even subconscious theme to them in that most of them are indeed curvaceously sexy.
    I have two Remington 5s, a couple Voss, a number of olivettis. I've got to admit, I've caught myself daydreaming about them, even going so far as to imagine if people were typewriters, which one would I be and which one would I want to fuck.


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