26 thoughts on “Well, that was the first… So, what about the second?

  1. Hey congrats from me too! Your green Olympia, whilst the same colour as my Remington SJ, is so far from being obnoxious, it's almost stately. I still find it downright bizzare tho that without any communication whatsoever that in the very same week we both decided to paint a typewriter green. I've never been one to believe in telepathy but…… ~~~~zzz bzz~~ bzzzz~~ bzzz~~zzzzzzzz~~~~~


  2. Well done Scott, I ahve always enjoyed reading your latest offering.
    Do I detect a line-spacing problem with SG1? and maybe a ribbon lift problem as well. Never fear, Uncle John will fix it for you, LOL.


  3. Yay! You survived your first year! \o/ Always feels like a big accomplishment. Even more so if you are still enjoying the blogging and as you wrote also made friends along the way.

    I certainly hope to read more from you. Maybe a little less if you have something big coming up, but please don't disappear completely!


  4. Ha ha ha. Oh, it is working far better than it was a couple of weeks ago, but yes.. It could still do with a bit of work. I think I might have to bring him over! Well spotted though, there is indeed a ribbon lift problem, along with a little line spacing.

    Thanks for the compliments.


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