Just chilling out….

Grettings all. 

I’ve breifly escaped my job for the moment to make a little bit of a trip up to Queensland. So I’m enjoying a little bit of sun, beaches and typewriters for the time being. 

I’ve already aquired 2 typewriters. One of which is a model that keeps on being a bit of a boomerang to me. Every time I sell one just like it, another one seems to land in my hands. 

I’ve also made another visit down to John Lavery’s workshop, so you’ll soon see another post about his collection – and some surprising hidden secrets that I found when I ripped off some of the wrapping on a few machines stowed away on the shelves. So keep an eye out for that one. 

And seriously…. there was some good stuff hidden wrapped in newspaper and cardboard. 
Notes on a previous post : Triumph of the will – a tale of blind foolishness. 

I just have a quick issue that I felt needed to be addressed, before anyone else picks up on it and miss-interprets something. For those that aren’t aware – there is a film called “Triumph of the will”. This film was a piece of Nazi propaganda that was used to encourage young men and women to sign up to get mowed down on the bloodied battlefronts of second world war europe. All in the name of facism and fuckwittery.

Just in case you were wondering, I’m anything but a Nazi or facism supporter. The title – which was partially a play on words as I had rebuilt a Triumph motorcycle, was also a bit of a dig at the governmental agencies that pushed forward an excessive set of rules and directions – strangely hidden deep on their own websites in emails, to make thinkgs very hard for you and were set up for you to fail. 

I’ve never had to prove my innocence from a crime that I had not commited, and no one even had the inkling of thinking I had commited until I simply wanted to register a vehicle for the road. They say it’s checks and balances. I say it direct interference by government.

As for my feelings on Nazism and Facism – as well as racism and oppression, I have a post coming up about that, that is centered around one particular typewriter in my collection. So if you want to discuss politcs with me, hang out until I get that post done. 

In the meantime – for those who have seen the film ‘Starship troopers’, you may not be aware that the director made a very pointed nod towards the ‘Triumph of the will’ film when he produced his ‘anti-war-film-that-everyone-keeps-mistaking-as-a-pro-war-film’ 

Here’s a short video that you can watch to see how he directly referenced that film. 



5 thoughts on “Just chilling out….

  1. Oh yeah, Troopers is riddled with nods to fascism, down to the pilot uniforms. Almost to unsubtlety…

    But very keen to hear what the McTaggart Archives uncovered…. Hope John is well.


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