6 thoughts on “Merry Typing Season!

      • Dear Scott, I came across this page in the process of a Google search for technical details on the Orbis Typewriter. You seem to be the ultimate expert. I would like to ask you a question related to a carriage adjustment to this machine as I am experiencing a partial bind halfway through its entire end-to-end movement. The machine otherwise is in mint codition and apparently hasn’t been used at all since it was built in 1949 (S/N 5928). It’s pitch dark in colour, looks like a twin of your Orbis. I successfully bid for it on ebay Germany mid December.
        Looking forward to your guidance as to where I should send my inquiry to. Kind regards
        an Happy New Year!
        Michael, Traunstein, Germany


  1. A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family Scott! Oh, ham season…same here. I can’t wait.

    Weather finally broke here and we have had a few days of 50 to 60F days instead of the normal hot and humid high 80F days.


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