Type O +VE Podcast episode 1 is now on the wires.

Well, I talked about it. Talked about it. Talked about it. Talked about it.

And now I present. The first episode of the Type O +VE (Typo Positive) podcast.

Podcast cover page

You can access it directly at: 

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There’s also a Facebook group you can access to keep up to date on future recordings, or to talk about the posts.


In the first episode I interview John Lavery about his life as a typewriter mechanic. He shares with us a few stories of his time in Olivetti in Australia, and gives us a look into the workshop conditions of Remington in Glasgow. After that, I make my first jab at a workshop session, where I talk about polishing up the carriage rails on an Underwood 5 so that it runs smoothly.

The first episode isn’t perfect. I’ve learned a few lessons while recording the interviews and workshop sessions that will hopefully make future episodes vastly improved. Also, the first episode clocks in at a bit over 45 minutes. I aim to keep it under an half hour in the future, even though I personally mostly listen to podcasts that last for about an hour.

What was worse, was that as recording progressed in the scheduled time I had for it I progressively suffered from a virus that blocked up my nose, and left me sounding more Truman Capote than Clive James. But I pressed on – determined to finish the first episode that had already been delayed 5 months because of work pressures.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.17.13 PM

John and I have a bit of a chat while I record the conversation.

So, despite internet drop outs, low flying planes and interrupted recordings in the workshop, Skype audio handling doing weird things (you can hear my voice echoing back occasionally from John’s computer as I interview him, while Skype ‘auto corrected’ audio levels – often badly)…. I got there. I even composed my own music for the show using the loops system on Garage Band on my iPad.


So pop off and have a listen. These will get better as we go. The podcast isn’t likely to be a regular event, but I’ll try and get in as many as I can. Hopefully I can organise one per month.

I’d like to say a big thank you to John for being my first guest.

Have fun! Hope to interview you all soon.


4 thoughts on “Type O +VE Podcast episode 1 is now on the wires.

  1. Very entertaining! Nice radio voice Mr K. 😉 I particularly enjoyed hearing about the Olivetti Tekne series, the Ron Barassi “big mouth” anecdote, and the Myer-Adler anecdote (I have one of their advertising flyers)
    Re the Olivetti Valentine’s, I just don’t like the look of ’em and much prefer a Lettera 32. My worst portable typewriter was a Nakajima K-MART branded typewriter, so I was surprised to hear John’s favourable comments later. Of course, you can’t discount a typewriter manufacturer based purely on your experience on one machine, which may well have been flogged to death or abused. In fact, I did recently try a Chevron De Luxe which was a very decent and snappy portable typewriter, but the seller was asking too much for it. Looking forward to listening to more.


  2. Awesomeness! I thoroughly enjoyed this first podcast and cannot wait for the next! I hope others consider creating typewriter-related podcasts: they are more convenient for some of us who do not have easy access to online videos. Kind regards, **P.S. are you able to add a donation link for those of us who want to send you around the world for new stories? 🙂


  3. Wonderful first podcast! Can I ask John if he’s got any of his old inventory/sales records? I’m especially interested in sales records showing intake serials of new machines from the 60’s to the 80’s.


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