One week in Bangkok – pt1. Hitting the streets and going on typewriter safari.

As Jane fell asleep, I sat up looking out across a new city, excited by the prospect of having another amazing urban landscape to explore.


A quick review of online typewriter communities.

  I’ll be frank. After writing over 200 posts for this blog, I have to concede that there’s one thing that really keeps me going with this… typewriter… thing… and contrary to popular belief it isn’t a raging red cordial habit. No. I just really like the gas-bagging. I wouldn’t call myself an extravert, but…

Typing in Palestine

The internet has an incredible way of spreading fabrications and miss-truths, often referred to as ‘counter-knowledge‘. Anyone with a barrow to push these days seems to produce a You-tube video, or a pithy slogan pasted over a photo that seems ‘true enough’ to be plausible, but not actually factually correct. All I need to do…