One Week In Bangkok – Pt 2 . You can find it all in Thailand.

It exceeded 30 something degrees when we arrived there and it only got hotter. I had been warned that the market can be a little confronting with some of the things they sell there, and that I should open mind about how people did things.


The typewriters of Singapore

Early in September I had an opportunity to visit a country I have always been quite fascinated by. While its colonial past seems relatively peaceful, Singapore became a major flashpoint during the Second World War that had huge implications for the region, including Australia. It is an island that shares a waterway with the south…

Shenzhen – The wild frontier no more?

My relationship with Shenzhen dates back a decade or so. I first visited here in the early 2000s which was back before the Chinese Olympics. Back then it was a city that  was exploding almost out of control of the government, and was a pretty wild place. For those who are unfamiliar with Shenzhen, it is…