Quick post about the FuNkamatic

Only a few hours to go, and The FuNKaMatiC ebay auction comes to it’s conclusion. This has been a classic moment of genius by Rob, and it looks like he’s actually going to make some money from it!

I’m excited…… Are you?

Here’s the link to the auction – for those not in the know…

I’m still laughing at this whole thing. Sorry Rob, but that machine is truly ugly, and I’m soooooo hoping it peaks over $100.

Richard monopoly money bets that it will hit $245.74.
Scott (me) $101.50
Anyone else got any last minute guesses? Who can get the closest! Get your monopoly money out.

Edit 2:

And the excitement comes to a close…… at a measly $70.
I guess being ‘funky’ only goes so far…..


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