Pt 4 – The race for the AMC typewriter.



A traditional ring-road morning.


Don’t let the google photo fool you. This place is huge.



A couple of the machines sitting lonely in the glass cabinets.


An AMC in a box. Just beautiful.




Bing Model No2: A gift that John gave me last year.







10 thoughts on “Pt 4 – The race for the AMC typewriter.

  1. Great report! It's nice to get a glimpse of Young's. David was very helpful in getting the 3 typewriters I won to me. The AMC is an intriguing machine; I've seen Orgas in person at Herman Price's house but don't own one.


  2. Great report of a race to the finish line. When I was reading it I got Yello's “The Race” playing in my head with all the moments of relative stillness in the music mimicking being stuck in traffic. The lyrics however were updated by words we usually mumble when driving towards all these that slow us down, cut us off… 😉 And that AMC has a very strong presence I must say.


  3. Who'd have thought collecting typewriters could be so dramatic! Can't say a trip to the post office for a sheet of stamps gets the blood nearly as rushing; fascinating though the lengths we go to for inanimate objects.


  4. Oh, I don't know. I've had some exciting trips to the post office. But that was in New Farm, and the post office was flooded.
    I don't think it is about the inanimate object. I think it is about the thrill of the chase. Some biological urge to compete and raise the adrenalin levels.
    Or something like that. Us males can be pretty stupid. But not always for obvious reasons.


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