Pt 3 – To the moon and back to Melbourne.

To the moon and back… to Melbourne. 
Hello? Is there anybody out there?   Parkes Observatory.




Hello…. I was here! Tee hee….




Is anyone cooking up a crock pot?



Soggy ol’ exxy.




11 thoughts on “Pt 3 – To the moon and back to Melbourne.

  1. I've heard a lot about the Parkes Observatory watching a few old episodes of The Sky at Night. Who cares if the science is outdated, it's wonderful to see Patrick Moore's enthusiasm about the latest developments in astronomy. 😀

    I do love those 70s bathroom fixtures…


  2. Sounds like a stressful journey indeed, but the observatory must have been a wonderful sight. That dish is so huge it looks like it's going to topple off the supporting structure.


  3. Epic! Great photos, thanks for “The Dish” hint. Though (sorry, sorry – I know I shouldn't but… 🙂 ) I admit I would feel weird staying in a hotel with creeping pants no mater how beautiful they are :D.


  4. Finally, a temperature drop! Too bad the trip wasn't all that relaxing as a vacation should be. You've had some disappointments and now even family worries. Looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully things will be okay again!


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