A wee tinge of Christmas love.

Well! My post yesterday might have sounded a bit depressing… but believe me, it isn’t depressing around here! We’ve been baking and wrapping, and talking over the phone to people all over the world, and it’s been great!

Seriously… Facetime on my iPhone is awesome. Today I’ve spoken to people between Melbourne and Peru. How good is that! At the touch of a button on my phone… one touch, anywhere at any time, and there we are.

Anyway, I’ve got a week off work and I’m excited to do… well… probably nothing. Absolutely nothing. Including my blog, which I’m going to leave alone for a few weeks. So I still hope you’re here when I get back.

Actually, that’s not true. As we speak I’m plotting a little adventure. If it pans out, I’ll let you know.

But for now, I’ve busted out the H3K and blotted down a bit of a Christmas message.


14 thoughts on “A wee tinge of Christmas love.

  1. Well, technically Christmas is already over for you in Oz now as I write, but it sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, near & far.

    My very best wishes to you for a Happy & Prosperous New Year!


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