Ep 3 – The Apocalypse Of The Typosphere

Well, I think it is appropriate to start off the new blogging year with a bang… 
The catchup –


12 thoughts on “Ep 3 – The Apocalypse Of The Typosphere

  1. My poor Peugeot!

    Just yesterday I was hoping that you'd continue this story. Keep it up, it's great (he said with a half smile … You got that right, I have been known for years as Chief Crooked Grin to a certain friend).


  2. Nice! It's got pace and I bet you're at the point where the story is almost writing itself. Of course, I would have told you the make and calibre of the sniper rifle 😉
    Happy New Year too, by the way. Let's slam the door on 2012.
    To a better year ahead.


  3. Ah! You probably would have. I'm slowly getting the pace up, and while this is written mostly by the seat of my pants (hence a few plot holes already opening up) you're right.. it is mostly writing itself. Especially when I figured out a few tent-post plot points that I basically just loosely aim for.


  4. I'm very glad that you're continuing this story, Scott.

    I continue to be amazed at your writing skills, and, of course, it's fun to read about myself! It's like I'm living in an alternate reality or something with all of you. A collective dream, as it were.


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