…. and then the rains came.

Here in Brisbane, we have been enjoying  the fading end of ex tropical cyclone Oswald, which has been whipping up severe winds and dumping torrents of rain on us. Flood waters around Queensland are raising, and Brisbane is no exception.

It isn’t as severe in Brisbane as it was in 2011, but things here have been a little bit rough. The high winds combined with the heavy rain, along with the unexpected addition of a series of tornadoes, has however made the last 36 hours quite entertaining.

So, I grabbed an on-hand typewriter an tapped out a typecast before I had breakfast this morning.

Pine river flooded rapidly as they dumped water from the dam, as the tide in the bay pushed a storm surge back up river. 

We crossed through this flooded section of the road yesterday before we came across an even deeper flooded road that was risky to cross.  Just for reference, the river is off to the left. That section to the right is a flooded gully.


16 thoughts on “…. and then the rains came.

  1. At least you're well-prepared on the retro tech front. Stay safe and heed those warnings! I lived in severe-weather country for a time and have had my share of avoiding nature's wrath. Here's hoping she can find a balance between typhoon and oven.


  2. Wow, weather. That's something we don't get much of in the desert. Good luck to you and your fellow townsfolk – may you weather the weather safely. (:


  3. Your posts about inclement weather are always well-written and exciting, but hopefully not TOO exciting.

    I'm glad that you are safe!

    I had to post this comment using Safari; Firefox continues to be a problem. The page refreshes with a blank comment field.

    Interesting that this happens on only a few Blogger blogs. So far, just yours and “Life in a Typewriter Shop”, and Joe Van Cleave's blog. All the rest seem fine.


  4. Cameron, I've had this issue in Safari and Iron/Chrome.
    My workaround is as following: Click “Reply” under another comment – a comment field opens. Then, click “Add comment” in the bottom – now, the regular comment field should open.


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