Throwing ink onto a page – hello ITAM!

We’re doing ITAM again? Well, why didn’t you say so!
Here’s the machine that re-introduced me to the beauty of typewriters. 
Pardon the late night Monday fatigue grammar and rambling. 
And the odd side-step into bad poetry. 
You know… Every time I write on this machine, I’m surprised by how well it works! Sure, it’s not a sexy Hermes super-model, and isn’t built for speed. But it is a great machine.  It feels like an old workhorse, and I just…. love writing at it. I feel the writing.


13 thoughts on “Throwing ink onto a page – hello ITAM!

  1. Not sexy at all, but it gets the job done! I see this machine often in the wild and have been impressed at how well it starts the typebars swinging. I'm glad you enjoy it so much. Happy ITAM!


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