Happy Typewriter Day! (internationally)

This lasted two minutes, before I put a towel down, stripped the machine’s shell off and tackled the muck properly. 
The end result was worth it:

Our DSL modem and router packed it in sometime on Friday, and I was largely on a digital detox of my own for the weekend – the exception being that I still had net on my iPhone. Maybe I should just accidentally drop that next time.

Come Sunday afternoon I had blissfully enjoyed a lot of quality time with my new SM1. But more on that story later. The other 3 people in this house of 4 were rather desperate to get their ‘net back. So, off we went to Officeworks, and got a brand-spanking-new DSL+ router, for more than I have spent on all but 1 of my typewriters. And going by our history with electronics here, it will probably fry and die in two years. Compare that to the longevity of this SM1.

I got some good writing done today too, after I had to make a pretty major repair to the SM1 which was sadly unexpected. It still needs some work on the escapement (it often jams after I release the carriage shift) but can I say… such a beautiful machine! Have you ever seen one like it? And there still was some ink in the ribbon!

Happy Typewriter Day! Love your typewriter, and it will love you.


23 thoughts on “Happy Typewriter Day! (internationally)

  1. That is incredibly beautiful. You did an excellent thing for both it and the rest of us as well by photographing it!

    *Is very happy for you but still slightly jealous* An SM (or SM1 whatever you call it) is at the very top of my want list right now.


  2. Sure. I'm using SURF laundry powder, on a ratio of about 1 part to three parts hot water. Use a medium or soft tooth brush, as if you use too hard a brush, or to large a brush, you will damage the finish.


  3. Love the new colour. I have noticed this change, to a lighter shade but not so stark (nor as attractive) when I have soaked Hermes Baby/Empire Aristocrat body parts in hot soapy (dishwashing liquid) water overnight. The trick is to make the colour consistent.


  4. Thanks for the cleaning tip, Scott. I tried it out on my reasonably clean S-C Silent Super and it made a very slight, but noticeable difference.
    As to the colour of your SM1, it looks like 'bone' to me. Slightly paler than a 1980s foreign correspondent's trench-coat.
    I should point out that I DO have a slight colour deficiency.


  5. Hi Scott I have just picked up myself one of these very machines for my partner for completing her book. I have very little knowledge of typewriters though I'm going to tackle a clean up. Mine looks very similar to yours before the clean up fingers crossed it will come up as nice as yours and that colour. Just a quick question is there much involved in removing the shell? Any tips or advise will be fantastic. Many Thanks in advance Dion from Brisbane


  6. Hi Scott, I have just recently picked up myself one of these typewriters. It looks very similar to the colour and condition of yours before the clean up. Just after any info you can supply on removing the shell to give it a clean (hopefully it will come close to the result you have gained and the colour also). Am I going in to far over my head with trying to remove the shell, this will be my first attempt at working on a typewriter. Also are there any places in Brisbane that will do the restoration for me? What sort of costs do you think I will be looking at? The typewriter works fine just want it to look nice before I give it as a gift to my partner. Many Thanks in advance Dion Brisbane QLD


  7. Not at lot. There's a handful of screws for the three panels, and it pops off without a lot of protest.

    That said, you will undoubtably need to replace the 4 rubber grommets at the bottom of the machine. Rubber 'O' rings from bunnings in the right size will do, but I actually manufacture my own to get it perfect.


  8. The shell isn't as hard as you think. But there's a couple of people that I can point you to. John Lavery would be my first port of call, or Gary Hill in Alderley. Failing that, I could clean it up for you.


  9. Thanks for the reply Scott, I have given the sm1 shell a clean with the method mentioned above, works a treat unfortunately the colour has come out to be a light grey rather than the cream bone colour of yours. I had a bit of trouble with a few of the screws so left the shell on for the clean up. Purchased a ribbon yesterday and all works fine, any tips on cleaning the type bars to make them shine? I would still be interested in seeing how much it would cost to have someone go through the whole machine. Any chance you could send me some contacts for the people mentioned above?
    Many Thanks again Dion


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