I’ve Gossen myself a Tippa!

Pardon the feint print, but I’m using the ribbon that came with the machine which still had a fairly good amount of printable ink in it.

 OH! OH! A BOX! Note the bashed corners.
 I don’t think I mentioned the stabilizing protective cardboard.
 Oh! It’s love at first sight.
 I absolutely adore the style of the badge on the Gossen Tippa. That ‘SS’ part of Gossen is very subtle, and stylish. 
Link to Cameron’s Tippa can be found HERE. Does anyone have any ideas about the skipping?

 And finally, it has a magnificent folding arm that folds into a slot on the keyboard.  
I absolutely adore this machine. Compared to the gruff industrialism of the first model, and the over-styling and fattening of the latter Tippas, I feel that this machine is the most refined and beautiful. The Tippa that followed immediately afterwards is a fine machine,  but this one has my heart.

17 thoughts on “I’ve Gossen myself a Tippa!

  1. Beautiful looking machine, Scott! Delectable colour! One of the nicest ultra-portables I've seen. And you know every collection needs one.
    Congrats! And I'm sure you'll iron out the kinks.


  2. Interesting how differentiated them in the keytops, and that my Triumph has the exact same keytops as my Adler Special (standard). Your Gossen keytops look a lot like my Everst K2 has.


  3. That is a gorgeous machine!

    I'm still tweaking the escapement system on my first generation Tippa. I'm probably not doing it right, but needle nose pliers come in handy for changing the bend on the thin rods leading to the escapement. It run well most of the time, but it is noisy with a hard platen and resonant body.


  4. Well, I've just managed to tackle it without any bending. I suspect your machine might be a bit different though by the sounds of it. I think there may be some bending needed in future though, as the machine seems to need a bit of a harder nudge on some occasions to trigger the space.


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