Sun, surf and Kolibri.

Ms Jane’s nieces and nephew are here, along with her sisters and her mother. We’re about to wander over to her cousin’s place for a barbecue. Such a hard life this!


15 thoughts on “Sun, surf and Kolibri.

  1. My sympathies for your struggle, Scott. And the Kolibris are fantastic, although it took me a few pages to get used to the typing action on mine. I think the keys are slightly smaller than most, as I kept hitting the wrong keys when I first started using my one.

    P.S.- Check your letterbox when you get home. 😉


  2. Tsk! I wish for snow in winter.

    There seems to have been a flurry of Kolibri-praise recently but I've yet to succumb to the desire to really search one out. A “for parts” one sold on eBay US for some $80 this week.


  3. Nice beaches. I would like to find a lonely place on one of the beaches near me so I can type.

    I like the beaches in winter, but I would rather be in the North playing in the snow.

    One day I will own a Kolibri. The only place I see them is on Epay for way too much for my budget. I was watching the $80 one to see if it would sell.


  4. The key actions are quite similar to my Bijou, so I got used to it pretty quickly. But I know what you mean, the key positioning is different.

    I got your letter, I have typed a response, but I have yet to get it to a letterbox! You will see it this week, I promise.


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