The lives of Kolibris. (subtitles)

So here we all were, sitting around the typosphere after and Robert Messenger and Richard Polt took their typewriters travelling, thinking just one thing…

Check out Sue’s blog, and her stuff! 
My wonderful Kolibri.

I took the Kolibri over to John’s place the day after it arrived, and we give it a bit of a cursory look over on his counter. We blasted it with air and gave it a little bit of a clean, and just made sure that it got working properly. When I have a little more time I’ll continue working on it till it is in perfect operating order. It is close, and It should only take some more detailed cleaning. 
Indavertently however, I managed to damage the finish attempting something with polishing. You can’t see it in these photos, as I managed to repair most of it, but I felt like a right dick when I did it. it was on the top of the ribbon cover too where everyone can see it.

For those who haven’t seen ‘The Lives Of Others’, those subtitles are not the originals from the film.


26 thoughts on “The lives of Kolibris. (subtitles)

  1. Was wondering where you've been, Scott. Holed up at home with a Groma Kolibri. That would explain you lack of posts this week. Makes sense. Enjoy it! That burgundy finish is too cool.
    I haven't used my one in some time. Might have to bust it out this week.


  2. Those are the original subtitles, those I saw in the theater were fake. ( :

    Handsome burgundy Kolibri. I can imagine how painful it must have been when you damaged the paint, but it's hardly noticeable now. I'm curious about the color of the machine you got from Germany.


  3. Congratulations! That is a wonderful looking Kolibri. I get envious every time I see some one get one of these. I guess I will need to spring some money loose and buy one, but wait, I promised myself not to buy any typewriters in 2013 unless it has an unusual typeface or is a nice Mill. I wonder how I added 10 to my collection in less than 8 months?

    Great work Scott. I wish I were lucky enough to be able to find one affordable Groma Kolibri.


  4. Yeah, mmkay, it's cute I guess…

    No I'm kidding you, it looks amazing, despite of the damage you've done with it. Cannot see anything of that in the pictures! Also liked what you did with the subtitles. Very convincing 😉


  5. Thanks Rob!
    You have some spare parts? The machine is actually working pretty nicely now. But if you have a case (lid)…
    I didn't realise that you have a parts Kolibri! I'll have to message you.

    As for the Favorit, I sure did! I sent you an email, but it must have gotten lost somewhere I guess. I'll catch you on Facebook instead.


  6. You know, after I put a photo of mine up on my blog last week, the two QWERTZ units that I had a watch on, on Etsy, sold within hours.

    I suspect the one that belonged to our friend in Geneva is on it's way to Singapore.


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