Update… Backdate… Update… Sheepdate…

I’ve really neglected a few parts of my blog lately. I constantly forget to add to my ‘Revered Typoverse’ column down the right hand side of my page here, and I feel I’ve offended a few people by not adding their usually quite well written blogs.

A major mistake of mine was to not include the Davis Typewriter Works blog:
Davis typewriter works.

I read this blog anytime I see a new addition, and I’ve been really enjoying the videos that the guys have been putting up on Youtube. There is a real feel of energy between the Davis boys in their videos, and they present refreshingly well and the two of them just seem to bounce off each other.
Will Davis youtube channel. 

*  *  *
I was excited to learn last night that John Lavery has finally gotten around to starting his blog. He’s put up a great write-up of his efforts to repair a Kmart typewriter. His blog is still a work in progress, and he informed me that he’ll be including more pictures (and maybe video?) in the future. But right now, like all of us when we first started out blogs he’s just finding his form. 
John has a lot of great knowledge and memories, and it is brilliant to see this being used in his blog. 
John’s blog can be found here:-
I think we should give John plenty of support with his blogging adventures. He’s got a lot of great stories to tell, and I think this is a great medium for him to tell them. 
*  *  *
Something I have also neglected is that brilliant website that Ted has put together that lets you search the Typosphere, check out people’s typewriters and reference serial numbers to get an idea of the age of your machine. 
It is so much more than a serial number database. I had started to put together a list of my machines on there, but I haven’t updated it in ages. It only reflects about half of my collection – and I’ve yet to get my more interesting machines photographed on there as yet. 
I think Ted has done a brilliant job thus far, and I thank him for the wonderful work that he’s done. His site is so much easier to use than the previously ubiquitous TW-DB.
Here tis’ 
*  *  *
I’ll be trying to update more of your blogs onto my site whenever I can, but if you feel I have neglected yours – just drop me a line and say ‘Hey, what about me’! Don’t be shy. The typosphere is a great place to support each other, and if I haven’t listed you – it isn’t because I’m snobbing you. It is usually because my head is too far up my arse to have remembered to add you. 

10 thoughts on “Update… Backdate… Update… Sheepdate…

  1. Keeping a blogroll up to date can really be a pain. I visit a lot of blogs and websites regularly and I used to visit them from my own blogroll. But I also know them by hearth, so I don't do that anymore and indeed, keep forgetting to update it. But then again, I also told myself three months ago to merge one of my earlier projects blogs to my current blog…


  2. Hey, hey, Scott, I've been chained to my school assignments for the past week. Lots of interesting stuff happening on the Typosphere. So many SM9s going dirt cheap…in other countries but here. Nice to see McTaggart's blog up and running. Should be very interesting.


  3. Ah I know the feeling. Which reminds me, I have some stuff I want to shove into a letter and get to you really soon.

    I know! Mind you, I have taken to buying from other countries. Wait till you see some of the beauties I've gotten.

    Check your mail box in a week or so – hopefully.


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