An open letter to the Blogger/Google staff.

From my Olivetti Lettera DL. A Typewriter that has survived longer than all of Google’s services, and saw their competitors become giants and fall.


19 thoughts on “An open letter to the Blogger/Google staff.

  1. Especially the past two weeks, it seems, my blogger feed page has become very glitchy. Refreshing to load new posts usually just brings up an empty space with an error message.

    Co-co-signed: Nick B


  2. It's not just me then – I thought it was my laptop – it's been running slower and slower and displaying “this page cannot be displayed” messages ever since Microsoft upgraded my Internet explorer!


  3. Booya! I'd sign just because I'm annoyed at the typosphere blogroll issues the past few days, but I use WordPress so I don't really have a horse in the race. (:


  4. Thanks Scott. I wondered what the hell was doing on. I can't use the “search this blog” device any more, and it was very useful, with 1344 posts to search. I haven't been able to change for the background for a year or more.


  5. Wondering if it is a browser support issue. I have seen not problems in blog rolls. I also tried a “search this blog” on Robert's and my blogs, which worked fine. I'm using Chrome.


  6. I've tried it on several different computers, with different browsers. The only factor that seems to vary the outcome, is time. I've messaged Michael Clemens several times about it, and he does a little re-start of one of the plug ins, but it invariably falls down again after a little while. I think Google have switched something, and it has turned to mush.


  7. Yeah, it seems to have been a bit hit and miss of late, and things seem to be falling over. I”m wondering if they are about to launch a new API or something. But right now, it is close to useless.


  8. I've been considering a shift to WordPress myself. I've created blogs via wordpress before, but I thought I would try something different for the typosphere.
    That said, I'm wondering if it is possible to re-house the typosphere page somewhere more robust.


  9. Yeah, that and a few other problems. As I said to Mr Clemens the other day 'They're changing the matrix'. I have noticed a few other little changes have been made lately, so I suspect something is going on.
    As Michael pointed out, it “We're probably all due for a neural-jack update anyway”.


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