Just playing a small part with small parts.

Time to crack out the Remington 5 for a bit. And as it is such a nice day, the front deck will be perfect.


17 thoughts on “Just playing a small part with small parts.

  1. Scott, That is a great idea. I too have parts machines. Perhaps all of us who have those should post them so others know what may be available if they need a part.

    Not too sure if and when I can do it since we are getting ready to relocate and I have much more work than I ever imagined to prepare — including how I am going to safely transport 50 or more working typewriters and all the radios I have acquired in the past 10 years.


  2. Scott:
    Great! I like to think of parts like “organ donations”… the host may be gone but other's live because of their gift. It is a wonderful thing to do.


  3. That's very thoughtful of you! Actually I'm looking for two small bits off Dora but I guess that for the price of postage I could buy the whole machine (in a little neglected state maybe) over here in UK. 🙂


  4. Sott,

    What a great idea! Unless someone is lucky enough to have a bunch of parts given to them, sharing pieces and parts between each other is almost a necessity, it seems to me. I've got a couple of machines like that – maybe I'll add a page to my website too!


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