Pt 7 – Of Submarines and Typewriters.


bing………….. bing……….. bing……….
A hotel for kings and queens, surely! 
The sweet little display just inside Rob’s front door. 
Feeeeeeeel the blick love.
A bit of Remington 2 love, while you’re at it.
A tired eyed yours truly, and the Standard folding with my name on it. (Robs blog)
Oh dear… look at those bags under my eyes. 
Ahhhhhh…. Next day.
Part of the display
Red! I see Red! And I see three typewriters I would LOVE to have.
Rob fires up the Masspro, while Jane checks out the photos she had been taking.
Rob giving Jasper his coveted (and genuinely rare) Nippo P-200
Now in Jasper’s hands – where it may still do some literary damage. 

There’s some interesting typewriters that I’ll be posting about soon, that I picked up from Rob. Once again Rob, thanks for having us.


21 thoughts on “Pt 7 – Of Submarines and Typewriters.

  1. And that submarine does not strike me as too bad of an idea. Given the weather I could imagine it working as a long barbecue/grill during some town celebrations. 😉


  2. I've already forgotten what it feels like to wear shorts and sandals…

    Now, this submarine isn't totally stupid. The town's name, Holbrook, was changed from the original, Germanton, because of the First World War and the anti-German sentiment that came with it. Commander Norman Holbrook was the chap who got submarines through Turkish sea-mines during the aforementioned war, and was the first submariner to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour. That should explain the submarine. (Why do I know this? Dad was born and grew up there, and instilled the belief in me that the big submarine (the above water line shell of HMAS Otway, and Oberon class sub) isn't totally stupid, but perhaps a mark of difference.)


  3. Great post, Scott, brings back some very pleasant (though recent) memories of your visit. I was quite surprised to be so starkly reminded of how things were here back then, and how much they have changed in the short time since then. But at least it looks a little tidy. I keep stumbling over machines I promised to give you while you here but in the excitement forgot about – like that aluminium Blick and the brown Triumph. Oh well, next time …


  4. And nicely photographed as well, It'll be a treat to see the new typers! (:

    Should I file this as a type-in report for the Type-In in Canberra, Australia on Dec 29, 2013?


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