The blogs that could have been, never were, or are yet to be.


24 thoughts on “The blogs that could have been, never were, or are yet to be.

  1. all the posts that never happen – sometimes life happens too fast to sit and put together the time to put the bits together. These orphans become the grist of the future, perhaps. I keep a folder labelled “random future typecasts” where I toss what doesn't get used. Occasionally something jumps out of there when things are slow. (:


  2. Finding the time to blog is the tricky part for me, Scott. I have one or two posts that are sitting in the 'drafts' section of blogger until I can devote the proper time to them.
    Congrats on two years, too, by the way.


  3. Doesn't blogger have a scheduling option? Just write a couple of blogs when you do have time and then schedule them for when you don't have time. Or otherwise just post the pictures when you're having a lazy day, text isn't always needed you know?

    Congratz on the two years!


  4. Thank you! Nice to be able to stick through with writing on it for two years.
    You're right. I should just post the photos and be damned with it! As for the blogs themselves, it isn't about timing them, but finding time to write them. Often I've written 4 pages of ranty-ranty drivel and gone 'no one wants to read that'! And other times, I just haven't had the time or the mindspace to write in a way that does the subject justice.


  5. This all looks quite interesting. I trust your comments at the start do not mean that you're thinking of deleting your entire blog — just moving the content onto another platform?


  6. Yeah, that's the idea. I intend to shift across to another platform so I can have a bit more flexibility in my blog. Right now Blogger doesn't have the facilities that I need. As well as some other issues that I have with how google operates.


  7. Ah, the ones that got away. I am familiar with this problem. I can form a lucid and thorough essay in my head while walking and forget every last word by the time I st down with half an hour to spare. These are lovely glimpses at what might have been.


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