We’re going for safari…..


13 thoughts on “We’re going for safari…..

  1. Actually, I just had a wack idea… (been reading up on the VOC and the Dutch traders who sparked the Golden Age of Holland in the 17th century…) – since this is an exploratory trip/safari/expedition, with a focus on marketable goods, why not set up a basic-shareholder type of arrangement… like for instance, investors buy a share in the venture (say $10 ) and up, and that helps fund the purchases you find & make along the way, pays for petrol etc. And when you come back, laden with tasty typers of all colour and hue, you share the spoils with the investors? I know, the return on investment won't be huge… but still, crowdfunding and all that? Or, for a small share contribution, you pool the funds and raffle off the fanciest/best typer to one lucky winner. Just thinking… wack.


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