A place called home.


16 thoughts on “A place called home.

  1. First rate shots transpire from second rate burgers. And I second you on that, Brodiea really are pretty awful. Good to see it's not long I have a typewriter going somewhere comfortable


  2. Great post, Scott. I sense a feeling of peace and acceptance of change. And thankfully the change has not dimmed your ability to appreciate the finer things from the past. And i agree with Ton – great ensemble. I love the addition of that wonderful lamp from Ikea – you are tempting me to make another visit to the strange and wonderful land of Ikea!


  3. Teeritz is nuts like that! The man knows his stuff.
    And you: new place and already got a new typer!
    I have one of those triumph perfekts – I love it tho im a rather slow typist on it. Need more practice.


  4. Teeritz sure does, hey! I was mighty impressed.
    I know. I actually had the typewriter on the way down there weeks before I moved in. It was great to settle in to a new typing machine!
    The trick is with these Perfekts, Michael, is your typing position. The rake on the keyboard matches with your elbows being above the keyboard – as how old typing tables and desks placed it. As such on modern tables it is actually harder to type on than a lot of other machines. Which in a way is a bit silly for a portable – as they were supposed to be able to be used almost anywhere.


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