Pt 6 – To Market We Will Go.

The massive Queen Victoria Market, on the edge of the Melbourne CBD.
For those in places that don’t celebrate Boxing day, it is the day after Christmas day and in several countries is a public holiday.
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, than Highpoint.


Jane’s sister checks out the goods at one of the sellers in the deli hall.


I’m sure I could paint this scene from memory, and I know all of the sheds (A to M) and halls like the back of my hand. The market has been on the site for over 130 years.


Queue, put your money on the bench, take your Borek, step aside and leave…..



This is taken about half way along B-shed. It is about 250+ Meters long, and there’s also A-shed.




13 thoughts on “Pt 6 – To Market We Will Go.

  1. Yep, that's Vic Market alright. You know it much better than I do, Scott. I've probably been there only about a dozen times in my life and the last time we went, it was during the late night trading on a Tuesday night. It was an absolute zoo! Very, very crowded. I think next time, I'll go on a Friday during the day. Captures the true spirit of the place. Nice to see that it hasn't changed much.


  2. I went there during a trip to Melbourne two tears ago. Somehow I missed Borek's. It reminded me of the “Soup Nazi” Seinfeld episode (“No soup for you!”) when you described the strict ritual observed by queuing customers!


  3. I'm with you on shopping the day after Christmas for the special sales. I did it one time while in college. Terrible! Have not gone since. The market is astounding. Reminds me of some I've been to here in the States. I'd love to have a Borek. They sound delicious. And a visit to Robert Messenger; That would be worth the entire trip.


  4. Hmm all that time living in Melbourne and I've never eaten a Borek. Actually, as cash-strapped students then, we didn't visit the deli part of QV market much. We did go to the groceries section on weekends just as the stallholders were ready to pack up for the day and were getting rid of their last goods. $5 for a whole tray of apricots, $2 for 5kg of potatoes, etc. We'd throw out the crummy ones and there'd still be lots left. Sometimes too many to finish before they went bad. I remember making the best apricot jam I ever had in my life haha. Good times. Thanks for triggering the memories 🙂


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